We are a sustainable and self-managed publishing project. We work from a critical, emancipatory and countercultural approach. We offer narrative, visual and audiovisual content related to the construction of alternatives and social response. Nice to meet you.

Who we are

13 Editora is a non-profit publishing project of an independent nature that arises under ECOAR)))’s framework. We work on the production of content and tools that contributes to make people freer, disseminating critical and alternative thinking through pluralist approaches and discourses as well as offering training texts and social, economic, political and cultural information.

How we work

We aim to develop our activity based on the same conceptual basis that ECOAR))), yet through the development of our own specific values: plural, critical, committed, creative, emancipatory and sustainable.

Thus, 13 Editora intends to actively intervene in society, so it has a clear positioning: it is speaks out, it takes action and it reports.

What we do

13 Editora’s editorial production focuses on a) reflexive and didactic essays, with a focus both academic and informative, and b) manuals that offer a complete and specific training in particular areas in the field of activism, from a practical approach. In both cases, those titles that constitute a reference in their respective fields with more recent, unknown or discontinued titles are complemented.


Our vision

We aspire to be an editorial that, through the dissemination of visions and voices different from mainstream currents, has a positive impact on the activation of people and societies, equipping them with diverse tools to interpret and diagnose reality and themselves from a plural and critical perspective, in favor of a fair social system.

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