Frequently Asked Questions

13 Editora

What is it?

13 Editora is a sustainable and self-managed editorial project, which works from a critical, emancipatory and countercultural approach to offer narrative, visual and audiovisual content related to the construction of alternatives and social response. Its production is focused on a) reflexive and didactic papers, with a focus both academic and informative, and b) manuals that offer a complete and specific training in particular areas in the field of activism, from a practical approach. In both cases, those titles that constitute a reference in their respective fields with more recent, unknown or discontinued titles are complemented.

13 Editora aspires to be a publisher that, through the diffusion of views and voices different to the mainstream ones, have a positive impact on the activation of people and societies, and endow them with diverse tools to interpret and diagnose reality and themselves from a plural and critical perspective in favor of a fair social system.

13 Editora is guided by the following ideological principles:

  • PLURALITY: 13 Editora assumes that there is no single reality to think, debate and analyze. Thereby, it is necessary to understand social life and its multiple interrelations, processes and dynamics as an integral, dialectical, complex and multidimensional construction. Thus, we understand that the different levels of economic, social, political or cultural reality should be understood as parts of a whole, in constant interaction and movement, and we understand that each of these fields admit different perspectives. We aspire to overcome two important obstacles: on the one hand, the minorization of cultures, approaches and voices, always offering countercultural, alternative and open materials that contribute to the visibility of the different orientations. On the other hand, the fall in the inbreeding and self-referential production that limits the frame to a single point of view, underestimating those  that do not fit with ours.
  • CRITICAL VIEW: 13 Editora has a commitment to training and information understood not as a product of mass consumption, but as a right. Our independent and self-managed nature avoids the need to fall into the spectacularization of information that, from a mercantilist perspective or focused on mass consumption, meets criteria of economic profitability above all. Thus, it is possible to perform a critical approach (therefore, analytical, incisive and enunciative) of the different contexts, protagonists, events and concepts that shape the social reality, from which to build alternatives and social response, as well as infinite ways to focus on the reality that surrounds us.
  • COMMITTMENT: Commitment constitutes a value from two points of view. On the one hand, it denotes a total assumption of responsibility in everything related to respecting, exercising and addressing all kinds of issues related to human rights, anti-capitalism and environmentalism and, by extension, the injustices that occur on the planet. A responsibility that is exercised through the publication of materials of diverse nature that address these issues in a rigorous, comprehensive, critical and proactive manner. On the other hand, this commitment affects the whole initiative in a transversal way, as well as all the phases of activity within its framework.
  • CREATIVITY: 13 Editora understands that the creative process precedes the impulse of action, given that artistic creation contributes to articulating social protest and channeling the need for change of its citizenship. Creativity, as a value intrinsically linked to innovation, and quality, offers new ways of persuading reason from emotion. Understanding creativity as a central value of our activity implies recognizing that artistic creation has a real capacity to build meanings, opinions and alternatives.
  • EMPOWERMENT: The emancipating nature of 13 Editora entails that this initiative is assumed as a mediating agent, because it facilitates the recognition and understanding of social reality, with the aim of empowering the citizenship and providing them with coherent, effective and efficient intervention tools . It is, therefore, an initiative with an activating vocation (because it aims to trigger mechanisms of social mobilization with transformative capacity) and proactive (promoting critical awareness and control of the social scenario by people, through the assumption of an active, critical and supportive role).
  • SUSTAINABILITY: In accordance with the values of independence and self-management, 13 Editora opts to find new financing, as well as internal organization formulas that allow the implementation of an initiative whose planning, promotion, execution and distribution are completely technical and professional, even if there is no no type of remuneration for the people that make up the Publisher, who will also be the ones who have all the decision-making in their hands. Thus, 13 Editora guarantees its own permanence as a supportive and cooperative initiative. On the other hand, and in coherence with the basic points of ECOAR))), 13 Editora is responsible for the defense of the environment and the conservation of the planet, so it chooses processes and channels of creation and distribution respectful with the environment.

13 Editora owes its name to a historical episode. In Barrack 13 of the Mauthausen concentration camp, different people accumulated in a small closet hidden inside the barracks, a clandestine library composed of almost 200 volumes, in different languages, that allowed to open an  every day window from which to escape the horror that lurked day by day.

These books came to Mauthausen from different parts of the world through the people who were locked in the concentration camp because it was, in most cases, the only element of company and support that they had throughout the road they traveled through, in the struggle against the Nazi regime.

Each of these books, source of evasion and symbol of resistance, were rescued from the destruction and rehabilitated, one by one, by the prisoners themselves, who benefited from the threads of their own trousers or the splinters of the Barrack's own structure to rebuild them.

13 Editora is a project that was born under ECOAR)))'s framework and which is entirely made up of activists of various kinds and backgrounds. 13 Editora depends on Pepa Loba, a non-profit association that does not have any paid staff within its structure.

Administración economica

13 Editora is financed directly through the sale of books and other edited materials, with donations and, in some precise cases, with the launching of campaigns of various kinds aimed at the edition of new materials.

The publisher does not admit:

  • money from governments or transnational entities of any kind.
  • money from individuals or legal entities that do not respect its principles.
  • advertising income.

13 Editora's money is invested in the maintenance of the Publisher's own structure (guaranteeing its sustainability) as well as in the edition of new materials (attainment of rights, production, distribution, dissemnation and promotion) and in the economic support for the development of campaigns, projects, actions and initiatives promoted by ECOAR))) and Pepa Loba.