On this occasion we want to dedicate this space to present another of 13 Editora’s publishing that came out last May 14th coinciding with the presentation of our publishing house. Alternativas al poder corporativo (Alternatives To Corporate Power), a work by Gonzalo Fernández Ortiz de Zárate.

This work is a direct piece that analyzes in detail the current scope of corporate power at the international level, the disastrous consequences it has for the rights of citizens and how it is incompatible with life on the planet.

Moving away from other works, that leave nothing but discomfort in the face of the immense power of corporations, the author offers, as the title indicates, a total of 20 specific proposals that were launched by groups and individuals, with the aim of reducing the corporate power that sustains the current capitalist system.

You can check out all the information about the work and the author on our website. We leave you with the booktrailer, don’t miss the opportunity to get hold of this essential work in the face of the looming crisis!

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