The Politics of Social Ecology. Libertarian Municipalism

Today we would like to introduce you to one of the titles recently published by 13 Editora: The Politics of Social Ecology. Libertarian Municipalism, by Janet Biehl.

Throughout the text by Janet Biehl, a theorist of social ecology, we are introduced to the ideas of Murray Bookchin, one of the main figures of critical socio-political thought at the end of the 20th century.

The text shows how local communities can confront both social and ecological challenges in an increasingly globalised world through libertarian municipalism in order to build societies that are shaped around an approach based on sustainability and collective empowerment.

Citizen engagement and active participation can promote fairer local politics with the ultimate goal of replacing the nation-state with confederated people’s assemblies. Biehl highlights inspiring examples of grassroots movements that achieved significant change at the local level.

The Politics of Social Ecology. Libertarian Municipalism ignites the spark of change by providing a hopeful vision of a world in which communities organised in municipal assemblies have the power to shape a new system and work towards a more sustainable and fair future.

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