We talked about books… It’s the fanzines’ turn!

Last December, the launch of 13 Editora through our websites and social networks served as an opportunity to present you the titles that 13 Editora has published so far. On that occasion, we talked to you about the first published title, the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, a work written in 2010 by the War Resisters’ International with the aim of providing citizens with both theoretical and practical information on the exercise of active nonviolence as a form of struggle. We also bring information about The Multiple Faces of Anonymous, by Gabriella Coleman; a work that clearly and dynamically explains the history, ethics and performance of this group.

Today, two months after that launch, and waiting to finally organize a face-to-face event, we want to talk about another important leg in 13 Editora’s work process: fanzines. Each editorial release by 13 Editora is accompanied by the publication of a self-produced fanzine (text and image), always focused on a theme that we consider relevant to the current context. These fanzines are intended to serve as a complement to the books published by the project, with a more graphic, playful and conceptual nature.

A counterpart that is coherent with the mission of 13 Editora: to develop materials of various kinds that guarantee the formation of autonomous, critical and proactive people. We believe that the publication of these short works contributes to the creation of a more just and proactive world where the planet and the rights of all who inhabit it are respected.

The first fanzine produced by the publisher, about which we want to talk to you today, intends to function as an introduction to the project itself, the aspects that led to its launch, as well its purpose and goals. With an introduction that gathers briefly and clarifyingly the history, nature and will of 13 Editora, the main basis of this work are images full of symbolism that give rise to a deep reflection.

We look forward to sharing it with you, in person, very soon!

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