Hijacked Democracy. Global Threats and Self-Defence

We announce the launch of a new book. Democracia Secuestrada: Ameazas Globais e Autodefensa (Hijacked Democracy. Global Threats and Self-Defence) is a compilation of the texts developed by each and every one of the speakers at the conference of the same name, which took place in Vigo from 15 to 18 March 2023.

Today’s world is characterised by a global hyperconnectedness, where diverse agents, including transnational corporations, states and other bodies, interact in a constantly changing political and economic model. This system, which threatens human rights and the environment, and oppresses individuals across the globe, from the global north to the global south, requires a deep and collective reflection on how to address these dangers.

Hijacked Democracy: Global Threats and Self-Defence dives into understanding power and counter-power relations, highlighting its protagonists and the strategies needed to resist global threats. It is a work that seeks to broaden our understanding of the workings of the global system and the social and political movements on the rise.

Democracy Hijacked: Global Threats and Self-Defence analyses the risks facing popular sovereignty, both from corporations and the far right, and develops proposals through which to confront these challenges.

This book is intended to serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for all those who wish to understand today’s world as well as those who seek to contribute to the defence of human rights and the environment.

You can get a copy in our online shop or at our points of sale.

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