Hijacked Democracy

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Today's democratic systems are in a critical situation marked by complexity and uncertainty. In today's hyper-connected and globalised world, popular sovereignty is seriously threatened by both corporations and the extreme right.

Throughout these pages, the threats to democracies and the functioning of the world-system are analysed from different points of view, while at the same time alternatives, strategies and tools are defined with which to confront the main problems derived from the current political and economic system.

This book is the culmination of a process of collective construction promoted by ECOAR))) through its project Ágora R, which aims to provide citizens with tools and resources that allow them to reflect on their role as agents of change.


Various authors

Carlos Taibo, Enrique del Teso, Proyecto UNA, Miquel Ramos, Erika González, Alfons Pérez


Language Galego
Page number 140
Color Yes
Cover Soft
ISBN 978-84-120523-5-0