Hijacked Democracy. Global Threats and Self-Defence

We announce the launch of a new book. Democracia Secuestrada: Ameazas Globais e Autodefensa (Hijacked Democracy. Global Threats and Self-Defence) is a compilation of the texts developed by each and every one of the speakers at the conference of the same name, which took place in Vigo from 15 to 18 March 2023. Today’s world is characterised by a global […]

The Politics of Social Ecology. Libertarian Municipalism

Today we would like to introduce you to one of the titles recently published by 13 Editora: The Politics of Social Ecology. Libertarian Municipalism, by Janet Biehl. Throughout the text by Janet Biehl, a theorist of social ecology, we are introduced to the ideas of Murray Bookchin, one of the main figures of critical socio-political thought at the end of […]