Alternatives To Corporate Power

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This work offers a detailed analysis of the current scope of corporate power at the international level, the reasons why we have come here and the catastrophic consequences of this destructive system that is clearly incompatible with the life of the various species that inhabit the planet (beginning by humans).

These are some of the decisive issues that Gonzalo Fernández Ortiz de Zárate explores in Alternatives To Corporate Power , a direct work that does not skimp on data, references and arguments. A hard text (for the realities it touches) and honest (for the way it is approached), somewhat unsettling, for its ability to put black in white what is at stake.

But not all is lost. Therefore, the author also offers a series of Alternatives To Corporate Power , a total of 20, real and possible proposals. A catalog of initiatives launched by groups, associations, communities and individuals, with the aim of reducing the share of power owned by large corporations.


Gonzalo Fernández Ortiz de Zárate

Degree in Economics and researcher at the Observatory of Multinationals in Latin America (OMAL).


Language Galego
Page number 346
Color Yes
Cover Hard
ISBN 978-84-120523-3-6