The multiple faces of Anonymous

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Society in the 21st century is built through information and communication technologies. Forming new ways, structures and forms of action is essential for the success of the counter-power. In this new context Anonymous will mark a turning point in the collective imagination.

Why did Anonymous succeed in acting? What are its principles and values? What factors allowed its development? How is it organized if it does not have a hierarchy? What were the techniques and dynamics that they used in their action? Who were some and some of its protagonists?

The Multiple Faces of Anonymous. Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy is a work that clearly and dynamically explains the history, ethics and performance of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman, the leading expert on the subject today, tells how the dark and remote areas of the internet lit up a key cyberactivist movement in shaping power relations in today's society.


Gabriella Coleman

Anthropologist, author of two books on hackers.


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