The Multiple Faces of Anonymous

This week, we want to dedicate this news space to present one of the titles published by 13 Editora on December 10th. Now it is time for The Multiple Faces of Anonymous, by Gabriella Coleman.

It seems difficult today to find someone who does not have in mind an image, more or less clear, when talking about Anonymous, or who does not identify this name with a group of masqueraders, hackers, agitators or anti-establishment. But what is Anonymous really? How was it born? Who is behind it? How is it organized? What are its goals? Is it a cohesive group? A lot of questions that Gabriella Coleman, anthropologist and specialist in online activism and hacker culture, answers in the pages of this book.

The Multiple Faces of Anonymous is a deep and complete investigative work, almost a detective work, that its author elaborated over four years. Four years in which Coleman went from being a stranger to this universe to immersing herself fully in the dark waters of the deep web, in a process that allowed her to understand the origin of movement, its nature, its goals (always diverse) and, fundamentally, its codes.

You have all the information about this book and its author on the web. You may check the booktrailer of this title here. Take a look!

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