13 Editora resumes its journey

For a few months now, 13 Editora has everything ready, after a long time of preparation, to finally hit the streets with the first published titles. Unfortunately, the context of this 2020 made it impossible for the deadlines to be met, and the long-awaited day on which we could finally bring our work closer to the citizenship had to be delayed on several occasions.

Today we finally have the enormous joy of communicating that we are back on the path we started back in 2016, when we made the decision to launch an independent project that, from the written word, would contribute to the development of critical and emancipatory thinking of the general public. A project that advocates proactivity, empowerment and taking action to influence the reality of our environment.

The release of 13 Editora is already very close. Therefore, in the coming weeks we will be sharing some news about it, and offering new materials with some clues about what is to come. Do not lose sight of them on our website and on ECOAR))) social networks!

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