Various Authors (DS)

Carlos Taibo, Enrique del Teso, Proyecto UNA, Miquel Ramos, Erika González, Alfons Pérez

Alfons Pérez is an engineer and researcher at the Debt Observatory in Globalisation (ODG), focused on ecosocial transition, he is a specialist in energy, climate and finance.

Carlos Taibo, writer and political scientist, is a state referent of degrowth, anarchism, the anti-globalisation movement, direct democracy and self-management.

Enrique del Teso, PhD in Philosophy and Letters, is a philologist and lecturer in the area of General Linguistics at the University of Oviedo, where he works on pragmatics, communication and non-verbal communication.

Erika González, researcher at OMAL, studies rights violations perpetrated by transnational corporations, especially IBEX 35, and North-South colonial relations.

Miquel Ramos is a journalist and researcher specialising in extreme right, hate crimes, hate speech and social movements.

Proyecto UNA is a millennial collective focused on unmasking and monitoring new forms of fascism in culture and on the internet.