Hijacked Democracy

Today’s democratic systems are in a critical situation marked by complexity and uncertainty. In today’s hyper-connected and globalised world, popular sovereignty is seriously threatened by both corporations and the extreme right. Throughout these pages, the threats to democracies and the functioning of the world-system are analysed from different points of view, while at the same time alternatives, strategies and tools […]

Libertarian Municipalism

In today’s world, the omnipresent capitalist predation strangles every breath of life. The violation of rights and freedoms, the acceleration of the climate emergency or the distancing of citizens from institutions are consequences of a toxic system that thinks only of economic profit and blindly relies on an impossible mantra: infinite growth, in a finite world. The Politics of Social […]

Alternatives To Corporate Power

This work offers a detailed analysis of the current scope of corporate power at the international level, the reasons why we have come here and the catastrophic consequences of this destructive system that is clearly incompatible with the life of the various species that inhabit the planet (beginning by humans). These are some of the decisive issues that Gonzalo Fernández […]

The multiple faces of Anonymous

Society in the 21st century is built through information and communication technologies. Forming new ways, structures and forms of action is essential for the success of the counter-power. In this new context Anonymous will mark a turning point in the collective imagination. Why did Anonymous succeed in acting? What are its principles and values? What factors allowed its development? How […]

Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

The Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns is a work written in 2010 by War Resisters’ International with the aim of bringing to the citizenship both theoretical and practical information about the exercise of active nonviolence as a form of struggle. This manual is a guide designed to allow the reader to develop the different phases of planning, execution, evaluation and dissemination […]