13 dystopias that will be studied in history books: Fahrenheit 451

Little remains to be said about the fourth proposal in this series of 13 Dystopias to be studied in history books, a classic among the classics of the dystopian genre. It is a work that revolves around an idea maintained by many authorities throughout history: that books are dangerous because, as a tool that allows us to expand critical awareness, […]

13 dystopias that will be studied in history books: The Handmaid’s Tale

The third proposal in the series 13 Dystopias that will be studied in history books is a work that, for several years, has been on everyone’s lips, due to its successful adaptation to the audiovisual format. But before being a television fiction acclaimed by critics and audiences, the story to which we refer today (which was also adapted to cinema […]

13 dystopias that will be studied in history books: The Word for World Is Forest

The second proposal in the series 13 Dystopias that will be studied in history books is clearly an ecological and anti-colonial background work. There are many topics covered in its pages, and many lines of thought that influence them, although the argument could be summarized as the eternal struggle between a fictional colonized civilization (peaceful and respectful of nature), and […]

13 dystopias that will be studied in history books: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Today we inaugurate a new series of literary proposals that, within the framework of 13 Editora, are of special interest. The idea behind 13 books that changed history was to recognize the important social impact of the 13 proposed works. Those books raises awareness towards the problems of the time in which they were written, while formulating specific alternatives that […]

Wilde’s libertarian legacy

There is little left to say about the brilliant Irish essayist, playwright, poet and novelist Oscar Wilde, author of classics of universal literature such as The Ghost of Canterville, De Profundis, The Importance of Being Earnest or The Picture of Dorian Gray. There is, however, one aspect of his life as an intellectual that is somewhat lesser-known: the facet referring […]

The Literature of Carvalho Calero

Every May 17, since 1963, Galicia celebrates the festival of its literature and its mother tongue, the ‘Día das Letras Galegas’ (Galician Literature Day). There have already been 57 years of tribute to the great exponents of our language, from Rosalía de Castro to Antón Fraguas, Castelao, Cabanillas, Otero Pedrayo, Celso Emilio, María Mariño or María Victoria Moreno Márquez, among […]

Spaces of culture and resistance

The fight for justice and the search for social change is a story full of chapters of resistance. Among all of them, today we want to remember the one of the Minuesa Social Center, which was once located in the Ronda de Toledo, in the neighborhood of Lavapiés, in Madrid. In the mid-1980s the “Hijos de E. Minuesa” printing press […]

Ideas that resist

Today, May 10, marks the 87th anniversary of the so-called burning of Opernplatz. During that night in 1933, around 20,000 books were burned in the well-known square in an act organized by the National Socialist League of German Students, which brought together around 70,000 people. It was the first (and possibly the most remembered) in a series of burns that […]

A date to remember

It doesn’t take too much research to find information about some of the darkest chapters in the history of the written word, which are, unfortunately, many (and some of them, very recent). The burning of books perpetrated by the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi regime, or the Latin American dictatorships; the prohibition, censorship or confiscation of titles considered dangerous by certain […]

13 books that changed history: Steal This Book

After 13 weeks of proposals, this series of 13 books that changed history comes to an end with a controversial text (like many of those already proposed), transgressive, disruptive, challenging, and lots, lots of fun: Steal This Book, by Abbie Hoffman. Steal This Book (1970) is a polyhedral work: a manual of life; a generational reference; a statement of intent; […]